Madden NFL 23 News

Madden 23 is expected to be the best selling game of 2022. The game continues the Madden NFL series’ streak of incremental improvements, but it fails to live up to the high expectations of the gaming public. Despite this, it does offer a glimpse of what’s to come. For the first time, Madden NFL players will be able to choose from a variety of unique and exciting franchises.

Moreover, Madden 23 will introduce the new Field Pass feature that provides a clear path to progression. You can see all the levels and the rewards you can earn. There will also be plenty of objectives to complete. As the game is free to download, you will be able to earn multiple Field Passes without spending any money.

Madden 23 also features several updates to its Face of the Franchise mode. Now, you can choose whether to start as a veteran player or a young rookie. Moreover, the game has also added Chad Ochocinco as the 99 Club guide. Furthermore, the game also features a new Cornerback position. Additionally, EA Sports says that they are placing more emphasis on narrative and player progression.

Madden 23 is also compatible with PS5 and XBox Series X. For those who already own these consoles, Madden 23 comes with Madden Ultimate Team. Players can build a team of their own by collecting player cards and completing challenges. Ultimate Team also offers head-to-head multiplayer, and players can challenge each other by using their own teams.

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