3 Top Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Today, technology and digital advancements have changed the ways we do business, communicate, and complete other daily simple tasks. In this era, AI or artificial intelligence digital transformation plays a huge role in how business owners run things, organize business processes, and achieve success. 

What does artificial intelligence do? It uses machines to automate and simplify boring daily tasks, require less human thinking, and are repetitive. This way, companies can cut down the time and effort they spend on various small processes such as gathering daily data, sending emails, etc. This guide will discuss how companies can effectively apply AI to their operations. 

Three ways businesses apply artificial intelligence

Due to the high competition rate and different levels of efficiency, companies need to implement artificial intelligence in at least some areas of their business operations. Here’s how you can get started. 

1. Recruitment processes

Finding the right candidates, creating an effective recruitment process, making talent acquisition videos, analyzing so much data… These are all tasks for achieving great results in the hiring process. Luckily, these can be automated in most cases. First, let’s admit that there’s a lot of competition between candidates as well. Regardless of the position, if you post a job announcement, you will have hundreds of people applying for it. 

With AI and Natural Language Processing, businesses can shorten the candidate list and filter out some people in the beginning stages. AI can help analyze different elements such as location, experience, education, skills, etc. So, you can shorten the list and leave out the most eligible candidates for the job. In general, this saves a lot of time and effort, and the results are more precise than ever. 

2. Marketing analysis and predictions

The main purpose of artificial intelligence is to gather, analyze data, and provide companies with some data that can be used for making crucial decisions. Especially when making marketing predictions, you shouldn’t miss out on such an opportunity. 

How does it work? First, the AI model collects data and starts learning repetitive patterns, actions, and events. Later, based on this learning, it can predict future events that might happen in your industry or your marketing strategies. So, if you consider this information, you can make better company decisions and achieve more precise results. 

3. Customer service

Nowadays, as companies are becoming more customer-focused and making business decisions for a better customer experience, providing excellent support is essential. With artificial intelligence, it’s possible to automate some pieces of customer support. For example, you can create chatbot content in various scenarios and make user interaction more effective if you use website chatbots. 

Another great benefit is that AI allows you to track the whole customer support process, understand how customers interact with your brand, and make changes if necessary. This way, you’ll always have room for improvement and a better customer service approach. 


Using artificial intelligence has become unavoidable for making your business successful. Things have become easier and simpler for businesses, so make sure you don’t miss this chance to create a hybrid workspace. Moreover, AI and machine learning are still advancing, a factor you shouldn’t forget. 

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