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What Do You Call a Person Who Loves Fashion?

What do you call someone who loves to wear the latest trends? Some people call such people shallow or succumb to peer pressure or slick advertising campaigns. Others call them stylish or sophisticated. Whatever the label, you must admit that you’ve been guilty of being one yourself. Even if you’re not a fashionista, you can at least make an effort to wear stylish and well-made clothes.

The name “fashionista” refers to a follower of the fashion industry. This term can be a positive or negative label, depending on how you feel about the fashion industry. It can also mean that you’re brand-conscious, which means you’re a fan of a certain brand. There’s no denying that fashionistas are stylish and know what’s in style.

The word “fashion” is a general term for popular items. People who want to be up-to-date are often called “fashionistas.” This term applies to all styles of dressing, performing, writing, and other activities that are fashionable. Similarly, the verb “typify” refers to a style or trend that is typical of a realism. But what do you call a person who loves fashion?

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